Air Cooler and Its Main Benefits

Air Cooler and Its Main Benefits


An air cooler is a home appliance that runs on electricity to cool an area in its close proximity. It is effective in cooling a closed area as well as an open area since it cools only the area in its immediate vicinity.

This is an appliance that runs by consuming water and electricity and hence is also called the desert cooler or the swamp cooler. It runs on the principle of evaporation of water. An air cooler typically pulls in the warm air from outside, runs it through its inner components and then with the help of a fan pushes the cooled air inside the room. An air cooler consists of:-

  1. Fan and vents
  2. Water tank that needs to be filled with water for the machine to function smoothly
  3. Cooling pads that absorb the water and also allows the outside air to pass through them. For effective cooling it is important that the pads are always saturated with water. Distributor for distributing the water to the cooling pads uniformly and consistently. It consists of a motor pump and lots of pipes to connect to and fro the cooling pads with the water tank. Only during increased humidity conditions in the outdoors, it is advisable to run the air cooler without water and for that one needs to switch off the pump function and keep the fan on the running mode.

Two very noteworthy aspects of the air cooler also known as room coolers are:-

  1. Today when the entire world is concerned about rising levels of pollutants in the atmosphere and their harmful effects on life on earth, the air cooler is one such machine or appliance that is environment friendly since with its running no emission of toxic gases happen. It uses water which is a natural resource. The only synthetic resource that it uses is electricity. However with advent of technology we now have the solar air coolers too that use batteries charged by solar power or directly connect to solar panels to run.
  2. The other aspect is the affordability factor. Cooler price in India fall within the reasonable range enabling people from every economic strata of society to buy one or more for their homes. It is a poor man’s appliance helping him and many others in rural & urban India to create livable conditions within their house especially during the hot, dry and sultry summers. The solar air cooler, which operates without electricity and hence is beneficial in saving one’s hard-earned money, is also much cheaper than a standard window air conditioner.

To buy the best air coolers in India remember to login and browse through some of the popular online portals. Even if cooler price is low, it is good to check these sites for some attractive discounts on the market price as also some added benefits. By buying an air cooler not only do we benefit as individuals but we are also doing our part in contributing to safeguard the environment and the ecosystem.

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