Architectural Lettering

Architectural Lettering

The Architectural Design and style MA will allow you to establish a extensive understanding of architecture rooted in the theories of its making.

At a time of the stone age , the stoneware was the only material carrier for the human beings. The ancient cultural marks could be explored and traced from the unearthed cultural relics. By imitating the raw physical kind of all-natural stone, the new Museum is endeavored to generate a potent spirit of the place, and to formulate the shape, energy, and soul of the Chinese dragon – the Chinese Icon. The appearance of the architectural built-form is grand and magnificent, which implies the culture of Zhulu in reflection to the Chinese cultural context. By utilizing the natural rough stones on the surface of the constructing,the new Museum is echoing the environmental traits of the ancient civilization, highlighting the three ancestral cultural qualities and charm. Just as the unearthed stone artifact, this new construction will lead you into the exploration of the ancient civilization.

Provided the existing access of the Net and technologies, we can now talk or create about individuals, and we can consist of in that photographs, videos and citation about them to enrich what ever is being talked or written about, Considering that we are talking about the African men and women of Mzantsi, I have tired to produce a photo-album before I can speak about these men and women. It is better to see them and have a sense of what type of individuals and their Story(History) as is and they are the narrative’s thrust.

We believe the genesis of a style is a narrative of individuals, buildings, and spot at a point in time. From a grassroots level our projects are integrated into the local atmosphere from a social, geographical, historical, and cultural viewpoint. Although style solutions are necessary to be revolutionary there is a focus on the intimate dialogue amongst the user and the space they inhabit which manifests itself in a 1:1 relationship with the existing creating.

In the meantime, King Leopold II of Belgium focused his attention on Central Africa and in 1876 founded the Association International Africaine. In 1878, King Leopold commissioned Stanley to establish connection in between the Congo River and the ocean in the non-navigable portion of the river. From 1879 to 1885, a handful of Belgian officers sent by the King set up posts along the Congo River. They were followed by Catholic and Protestant missionaries.

Though white walls are really attractive to some of you, having no colour on the walls typically tends to make a space seem cold and uninviting. It also tends to make it extremely difficult to decorate. If you should use pure white, use it for trim, fabric, or accessories with a colour or even a light neutral shade on the walls.

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