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Use Water Features to Add Interest to Your Landscaping

Use Water Features to Add Interest to Your Landscaping

Houses that sit on large properties can become lost in the expanse. No matter how beautiful the landscaping is, the size of the yard overwhelms it. It almost gets lost in all that space. You can add interest to this empty area by adding a water feature.

The Design

The first step in creating a beautiful water feature is to come up with a design plan. You can ask your contractor for advice on size and location. Many homeowners like to place it where they can see it from inside of the home too. Whether you decide on a small pond or a larger lake, you can use a water fountain in the center for even more interest.

The Landscaping

Once the plans are finalized and the water feature has been installed, you need to landscape around it. Choose plants and flowers that coordinate with those used around the house. This makes everything look like they belong together rather than being separate properties. Use lights to make it visible during the night for maximum enjoyment, and consider placing benches nearby so you have a place to relax.


Now that the project is complete, you need to learn how to take care of the water feature. Have the pump cleaned and inspected routinely, and clean all sediment and debris from around it. If the water turns an unsightly color even after proper care, call a professional that deals with pond algae identification. They can determine exactly what the problem is and instruct you on how to take care of it once and for all.

Once you have your water feature in place with all of the necessary elements, have extended your landscaping from the house to the water’s edge, and learned how to maintain it properly, you will have a beautiful yard that draws attention to your home. It will become the perfect centerpiece of the lawn that you can enjoy from inside of the home as well.…



Use the new year to update your living room with the best living room trends for 2019 as predicted by the interior designers at Décor aid. From a fresh take on ceilings to essential console tables, here’s everything you need to know to keep your most commonly used and seen rooms on-trend.


Section your living room using furniture to create a multi-functional yet cohesive living space. And since common rooms are more and more often paired together to create the biggest space possible, you’ll have an easier time defining the purpose of each area.


Free up space in your living room with petite side tables that make for stylish ways to inexpensively bring in new focal points in your living room.


When it comes to smaller living rooms or corners in larger ones, a set of coordinating nesting tables is great for quickly opening up the room for more guests since you can easily move them around. And, they’re much more affordable than many coffee tables.


Though they can be an investment, the more unique a console table is in design, the better as it will work as a stunning focal point in your living room, or any room for that matter.


By skipping a sofa altogether and going for a mix of various seating styles, you’ll make your living room appear much larger than it is while having more money to spend on other elements since a sofa is usually the most expensive furnishing in a living room.


Plush, sumptuous jewel-toned velvet has made a huge comeback in the interior design world as of late and for good reason. Velvet is much more comfortable, is sturdier, and lends a living room a more sophisticated spirit than any other upholstery fabric around. And it boasts a timeless appeal that will never go out of style.


Go for bold with the trending return of maximalism for a warmer take on living room decor than spartan minimalism. Plus, you’ll find that you have so much more freedom when you can bring in as many well-designed objects as you think looks right.


Surprise guests with unconventional and unexpected plays on various scales with furnishings brilliantly juxtaposed with one another to add needed depth to your living room.


Create a distinctly cozy and charming living room by developing an inviting parlor-like feel by sourcing a variety of seating in the same scale and height, all facing each other in a circular pattern.


Refresh your living room lighting with on-trend wall sconces and lamps – even better when in a timeless yet unexpected matte black finish instead of the expected brass or silver.


The inspiration for decorating your most used and seen common spaces should always be finding fresh alternatives to make it feel like there’s no other room in the world like it. Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity, and sometimes unique furnishings, like an on-trend chaise lounge can make all the difference.


Long overlooked, 3D hanging mobiles make for a stylish yet playful way to add visual interest in your living room to make it all the more unique to your home. And for a modern take on the living room trend, a vintage-inspired Mid-Century Modern abstract mobile will instantly work wonders while captivating guests.


One of the easiest living room trends of them all is the return to tonal harmony where everything in the room is a related shade for a timeless effect. By going tonal you’ll have a much easier time bringing everything together while sticking to a color that you feel really drawn to.


While a bright room always looks larger, there’s something to be said about darker, moodier tones that’ll lend your living room a polished, handsome vibe. And though a dark wall may be too much of a gamble for your home, bring in more dramatic hues with accessories and extras to set the tone.


For a richly layered and lively feel, do juxtapose furnishing styles, patterns, and prints for a heady mix of beautiful elements that are sure to make your living room feel well-judged and one of a kind.


If you’re short on space or want a more intriguing take on expected living room decor ideas, ottomans and easy to move nesting tables make for a wonderful alternative to coffee tables.

By skipping out on a coffee table altogether you’ll make your living room appear larger while allowing the eye to focus on other distinctive focal points.


Used as a partition or simply as a decorative accent, the return of screens makes for an easy way to add elegant pattern and play in your living room design. Screens not only help to create privacy and block sunlight, but they’ll also work to make your living room feel one of a kind when you source a vintage screen.


While the living room interior design pictured above may come off as heavy-handed, there’s something about the enviable harmony throughout that’s inspiring.

Take a cue from it and create a lush living room that’s warm and inviting with layers of furnishings and decor for a well-judged look.


With all eyes on the return of the colorful, spirited, and avant-garde design style Memphis, expect to see more playful and irreverent elements gaining popularity in the interior design world.

And while a full on take on Memphis styling will make your home look dated, do bring in inspiring notes that touch on the trend in small doses like linens, pillows, and throws.


For consistency throughout your common areas, find common design threads to tie all of the rooms together for a harmonious look that will help keep everything from feeling random.


For another take on living room design that no one else will have, think about making a statement with an often neglected area – your ceiling.

From graphic color blocks to an unexpected color, a surprising ceiling treatment will make your living room all the more unique to you.


It should go without saying that mirrors are essential in any room and that you can find stylish ones affordably with ease.

From mirrored accessories to unique wall mirrors, it pays to bring in high-shine reflective surfaces in your living room as they’ll help to make the space appear larger and brighter, and everything in it more expensive.


As the popularity of minimalism continues to diminish alongside the return to warm maximalism, bold graphic prints look all the more viable.

Follow suit and bring in striking graphics and carefully juxtapose them together for a unique and memorable feel. 

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Small Leaks Can Cause Big Problems

Small Leaks Can Cause Big Problems

A leak that is not repaired quickly can lead to serious damage within your home. Even if it is not a large leak, over a period of time, there are many problems that can develop. You may think hearing a drip is annoying, but the cost of repairs due to this drip can end up being quite expensive.

Damages From Leaks

One of the most common results of water accumulating in a space within your home is the growth of mildew or mold. This can cause you and your family to experience respiratory problems. If you have asthma or any type of breathing disorder, mold and mildew can aggravate the symptoms. The leak needs to be repaired and steps taken to remove the mold and mildew immediately.

Have you noticed any of the floors in your home being damp? This can be an indication of a leaking water heater. If the floor also feels warm, you should have it checked to see if it has developed a leak. When floors feel damp, this is also a sign of a leak in a sewer line. Warm water is far more conducive to the growth of mold, so finding this leak as quickly as possible is essential.

Damage to Walls and Flooring

Walls, ceilings, and flooring can be damaged by leaks in the home. This is particularly true if they are made of wood. Since wood holds moisture, it can cause warping. If your walls sweat, this is another indication of a leak. Usually, if you can see condensation, it means there is water behind the walls. Pipes in walls can burst and cause problems. An example of a company offering plumbing services hinsdale il is Fuller’s Home & Hardware.

If you are not sure where the leak is coming from, it may be necessary to get a professional to detect the source. Since your home is probably the most expensive investment you will make, it is essential to take care of problems as they arise. It is important to not only your comfort, but your health as well.…

Getting the Products Needed for Industrial Projects

Getting the Products Needed for Industrial Projects

The equipment you have at your disposal influences what kinds of jobs your company can bid on and accept. When you want to be able to take any project that comes up for bidding, you may want to increase the inventory of equipment and supplies you have on hand. Rather than shopping at local industrial equipment dealers, you might find a more comprehensive array of products for sale on the Internet. You can shop for masks, gloves, and welding supplies online by visiting the company’s website today. Checking Out the Array of Products When you first visit the website, you might wonder what kinds of products the company actually sells. Does it have what you need or does it only sell a few selections of tools and equipment used in your line of work? As you can see on the website, it offers a comprehensive array of goods that come in useful in your particular industry. You can choose from items like blow torches, full face masks, steel gloves, and more. You do not need to shop at local stores for what you need because you can get everything required for a host of projects directly from the online company.

Saving Money Another perk that could come from shopping on the website is the chance to save money. Even if your company is financially lucrative and successful, you might not want to blow through your cash flow with frivolous purchases. You may prefer to save as much money as you can by shopping frugally. The company makes available products that are sold for wholesale prices. You avoid paying a markup and instead get what you need for a price that is more in line with your budget. You can spare your cash flow and be ready to take on a host of jobs for which you can bid. Your welding company is only as successful as the products you have on hand for its use. You can replenish your inventory and get items needed for any job for which you bid by shopping on the website. …

Hiring a Cleaning Service: 4 Tips and Tricks

Hiring a Cleaning Service: 4 Tips and Tricks

Many people hire a cleaning service when they’re unable or unwilling to pull out the feather duster on their own. However, if you’ve never looked into these companies before, you might be wondering where to start. How can you be sure that you’re hiring the right brand for the job? Here are just a few tips for finding a residential cleaning service.

1. Read Their Reviews

What do other customers have to say about them? Were they friendly, courteous, respectful and professional? Did they always arrive on time and do a good job? Did they ever forget their tools? Did they ever ruin any furniture? These are all things that you’ll want to know in advance, so check out their reviews and see if there are any surprises lurking in their customer testimonials.

2. Check Their Specialties

Some cleaning companies offer more specialized services than others. For example, while most companies know how to sweep, only a few might have employees who are trained in pressure-washing a hardwood floor. If you need something specific from your cleaners, make sure that they have the right skills for the job.

3. Ask for a Consultation

This can be especially helpful if you have a large home or a delicate task for them to perform. If you don’t enjoy the thought of throwing open your doors and hoping for the best, you can meet with the cleaning crew before they actually get to work, and you can give them detailed instructions on what you expect from their services.

4. Consider Their Tools and Products

Some companies only use eco-friendly products. Others have special cleaning equipment that they can bring to your home by request. Don’t be afraid to ask about their specific tools, sprays and cleaning methods before you allow them near your grandma’s china.

If you desire a clean house but lack the time or energy to tidy things up, you might want to look into residential cleaning Silver Spring MD. The right crew can make your home look and smell like a five-star resort!…

Hazmat Training and Dangerous Goods Safe Handling

Hazmat Training and Dangerous Goods Safe Handling

Trainng your employees on the safe handling of hazardous materials is a requirement for any company that deals with dangerous goods production, packaging, and shipping. You want to feel confident that every employee has a full understanding of the hazards and how to handle each component carefully. It’s also beneficial for every employee to understand complete safety protocol.

Meet Training Compliance

Every manufacturer that handles and creates hazardous materials must provide adequate hazmat training for all employees. Every risk and beneficial method of handling emergencies must be taught thoroughly. Every new employee must undergo the training and all other employees must receive it again on a routine basis. Every employee must have their training dates documented in their employee files.

Demonstrate Safe Handling of Hazmat

Beyond the book learning of hazmat handling, true demonstrations of the materials they will handle on the job are required. It’s through demonstration that they learn in real-time what they will be dealing with and how to handle emergencies and exposure. It’s hoped that it brings practical experience that can be called back to mind in case of a real emergency situation.

Educate In the Importance of Dangerous Goods Protection

The packaging of dangerous goods is the one barrier that truly protects the employee from the hazards of the item. The true importance of dangerous goods packaging becomes obvious. It’s important the employees understand why these materials and packages should be handled carefully.

In-Depth Training for Personal and Co-Worker Security

Hazmat training is not concerned just for the individual employee. It should instruct on ways to look out for other fellow employees that might become inadvertently exposed. It’s the first line of defense in case packaging fails and multiple exposures happen.

You should seek hazmat trainers that are experienced and can bring the best ideas and safety methods for handling to your employees. Keeping your employees safe should be a priority when it comes to creating and handling dangerous goods.…

The Benefits of Having a Water Cooler in Your Home

The Benefits of Having a Water Cooler in Your Home

The water that comes out of your tap may be questionable. You don’t want to risk drinking water that has too much iron, sulfur or something else. Adding a Vertex water cooler can offer an array of benefits.

Quality Drinking Water

You should always have regular access to quality drinking water. This includes softening the water and using reverse osmosis. Various filters can get the impurities out so that it is better for you. By choosing to have a water cooler installed in your home, you can count on the quality every time you reach for a glass.

No Ice or Heating Necessary

Water coolers have improved considerably over the years. The water will come out ice cold, ensuring that there is no need to reach for ice inside the freezer. If you want hot water, such as for tea, you can get units that will dispense hot water automatically, too. This increases the convenience because the water will be ready to use directly from the cooler.

Stay Hydrated

Doctors recommend eight glasses of water every day. This is much easier to achieve when you have the convenience of fresh, filtered water in your home. You don’t have to rely on filling pitchers or buying bottles. You simply go over to the water cooler any time of the day or night to fill your glass. It’s easy and everyone in your home can benefit.

There are various sizes and features found within a water cooler. You simply have to decide which one is going to meet the needs of your house the most. Then, you and your family can enjoy quality water all the time.…

Three Types of Countertops for your Home

Three Types of Countertops for your Home

Your kitchen countertops are the most versatile surfaces in your home. It holds your small appliances for quick use. It’s where you prepare and serve food. And it’s the location where your guests congregate during gatherings.

Great Countertops make for a Beautiful Home

And that’s why you want your countertops to look their best. Smooth edges and colorful surfaces can brighten kitchen areas. In turn, they can help transform the surrounding rooms and making them more inviting for you and your visitors.

Countertops for Every Budget

You may have seen countertops in other homes which made you think of two things. One, you thought they would look great in your residence. Two, you were afraid they would break your budget.

This may have been the case in the past. However, there are enough varieties on the market today at places like EleMar Oregon to fit the budget of every homeowner. For further consideration, here are three types of countertops you may wish to consider.

This surface is still very popular, even more so with the variety of colors and textures available. As long as excessive heat isn’t applied to the surface, laminate will maintain its appearance.

Natural Stone
These countertops include natural materials like marble or soapstone. When installed, these colorful countertops give the kitchen a warm, soft feel. As these natural stone surfaces have become more mainstream, their cost has gone down. And, as long as they are taken care of, they will last for the life of the home.

Recycled Glass
Introduced to the market in 1995, these countertops are made of recycled glass held together with cement binding. Both light and sturdy, this surface comes in a variety of designs to fit your kitchen and surrounding rooms.

Look into upgrading your own countertops to enhance the beauty of your home. Take a look at all of the materials available and speak with specialists who can discuss installation and warranties.

Natural Stone Oregon

Why You May Need A Vault Room for Your Valuables

Why You May Need A Vault Room for Your Valuables

According to Credit Donkey, in the United States, there are more than about 1 million invasions every single year and about 11 percent of these home invasions that take place, the criminal actually takes time to remove a door or window while occupants are present in the home. It is extremely terrifying to have to worry about someone breaking into your home and stealing all your valuables. Though, many home invasion robberies don’t turn up violent, there are many that take place that end up becoming fatal. Criminals rob homes with the intention to take everything of value that they see. If you have no way of protecting yourself and your valuables in your home, criminals can easily take everything from you. Sometimes, camera systems and alarm systems are just not enough for home protection. You need something more secure and safe that cannot just protect yourself but protect your most valuable items. The worst thing you want to happen is seeing your most prized possessions disappear and never return. Investing in a vault room may be the best thing that you have ever done for the safety and security of your home.

A property crime takes place every 3 seconds in America. Whether it is a small robbery or a violent home invasion, you want to make sure that these things never happen to you. Though, you cannot predict the future and cannot say that it will never happen to your property, you always want to be prepared. Take time to inspect your home thoroughly and think like a criminal. Look at all the areas of your home that are weak and that may be easy for a criminal to access. Once you have pinpointed these areas, you want to make sure that you strengthen the security of these weak areas. Add in more locks, replace doors and add in security systems to hype of the security. If you have valuables in your home, like a collection of luxury watches or jewelry that is of high value, then you will need more than just a security system. Consider having a vault room installed in your home. These safe rooms are built with the highest security level possible and can protect your valuables from almost anyone and anything.

You can take time to find out more information on these safe rooms by searching online at: From here, you should be able to find out more information on how you can have a safe room built in your home. Investing in a safe room if one of the greatest investments that you can make. Not only does it protect your greatest valuables, but it can also one day protect you and your family. Not all home invasions happen without violence. So, you always want to be prepared for the unexpected. A vault room or safe room can actually protect you and your family from being target in the home in case a home invasion takes place with the intent of the criminal to harm.

Overall, having a safe room is the greatest investment you can make for you and your home. You want to make sure that you always have a reliable place to hide out and keep your valuables. The last thing you want to think about is how much you regret not having one built in your home to protect you.…

Easy and Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Easy and Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Your bathroom is one of the most used and important rooms in your home. Because it is used often, there comes a time when it needs to be upgraded. There are many affordable ways to do this; however, the first step in this process is to decide how much you can spend on your remodeling project. Check out something like Tile Redi soon!

Cut Back on Your Tile and Save On Counter Tops

Because tile can be expensive, limit your tile and focus on high-impact areas like the floor and not inside the shower stall walls. In addition, save on counter tops. Granite counter tops look great in a bathroom; however, you can save on the color by choosing a color that is not light in color, which are more popular and expensive.

To save money, choose a brighter color. One other way to save money is to buy a granite countertop that has imperfections. Another way to save money in the bathroom is to use an old dresser as a sink pedestal.

How About Some Color?

Perhaps one of the most affordable ways to spruce up your bathroom is with paint. Paint can give your bathroom a new and refreshing look. Because painting a bathroom takes more time and effort, you may want to have it done professionally.

Update Your Fixtures?

Another affordable and easy way to update your bathroom is by updating your fixtures. Light fixtures, towel racks, sink faucets and drawer pulls are relatively inexpensive and can add beauty to your bathroom and can offer a huge difference.

Freshen Up the Caulk and Grout

Grout and caulk is often overlooked; however, these areas quickly become unsightly. By cleaning the grout and placing clean and straight lines of caulk around the sink and tub, you can make those areas look great. And, these areas in the bathroom are doable and cheap.

Redo Your Shower and Tub!

The cost of replacing your old shower or tub is often high. Instead of going through with this and paying out a lot of money, why not have your shower or tub relined? Relined showers and tubs look great!

Go Green!

It is a wonderful feeling to upgrade a bathroom but even better when you go green with upgrades. When you redesign, redesign with thoughts of the environment. Low-flow toilets and low-flow shower head conserve water and save you money.

What Are the Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom?

There are a variety of benefits when remodeling your bathroom such as increasing the value of your home and adding space in your bathroom. By getting rid of clutter and replacing old bathroom fixtures, you will add space to your bathroom. In addition, remodeling your bathroom also gives you a more efficient and luxurious home.

To conclude, your bathroom is one of the most used and important rooms in your home. Try one or more of the above tips and transform your bathroom into something wonderful! All it takes is elbow grease, time and some money!…