Regional Moving Services

Regional Moving Services

It is essential to strategy for moving significant appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washers, and dryers. Moving heavy appliances can result in damage to the appliance, surroundings and injury.

Move it yourself. This usually needs a truck and some burly friends. I have steered clear of this generally since of long highway hours and gas costs. (Though now that I truly have a auto to move cross-country anyway, I could be revisiting this alternative).

As my boyfriend and I prepared to leave Pittsburgh for St. Louis, we had originally planed to do selection #1 once more-ship almost everything-but in spite of receiving all our furniture on Craig’s List, we came across a couple pieces we decided have been worth maintaining. This, of course, made option #1 unfeasible, and so started our research into on-demand storage and shipping.

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If at all feasible, do a door to door move. Boxes are more probably to get lost and damage is a lot more most likely to occur each time your stuff is loaded and unloaded between the truck and the warehouse. Often this scenario can’t be avoided, but any time it can be, it is worth avoiding.

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