The Best 5 Things About Renting a Furnished Property

The Best 5 Things About Renting a Furnished Property

When looking for accommodation in a big city there are really only two options that you should consider: One is a hotel, which is what many choose not knowing there is another one, renting a fully furnished apartment. Of these two options, only one of them really is worth considering if you’re looking for a special experience and that is the latter.

Renting a fully furnished apartment is something that once done, it’s extremely hard to go back to a simple hotel. If you’ve already done it then you’ll know how much of a pleasant experience it is to kick back in your own place for the holiday, to feel as if you are truly living in the city you are renting the apartment in.

Here are 5 things that are the best about renting a furnished apartment:


Location is a prime factor in the choosing of an apartment. Do you want to be in the city, in the thick of things where there are the best restaurants, clubs and bars and everything that makes the city tick. Staying in the city is perfect as everything you would ever need is within walking distance and there are always good transport links. If you’re not much of a person for staying in the city itself then there are properties out in the suburbs that will surely be what you’re interested in, some people prefer staying out in the suburbs for a good feel of what life is really like for those who live within a few miles of the city centre. If you’re someone who likes to be beside the sea then there are amazing beachfront properties available for the beach goers among you.


You might be wondering how much this is going to set you back, well it’s not as much as you might have thought. This market isn’t just for the rich and famous and you can get an amazing deal on a furnished rental apartment. If you’re sharing with friends then it’s even cheaper for you as you’re not paying the whole price, well, you shouldn’t be anyway. Studio apartments are bound to be the cheapest if you’re only a couple on a short holiday. For families, you might find that it’s a little more expensive but that’s because you are getting much more space.


When you rent an apartment from a reputable company, you can be assured of the very best quality of apartment. All the properties are cleaned inspected and certified by apartment cleaning companies such as Elbowgrease, before you take up residence for your holiday, the bathroom and kitchen is inspected to make sure you have no leaks or plumbing worries during your stay and make sure the gas or electric is properly hooked up. The quality of these homes and apartments far outweigh that of a dreary hotel room.


In a rental apartment, you feel much more secure than you might in a hotel room. With a hotel room you might find that you are constantly worrying that the cleaning staff could be rifling through your things while you’re out enjoying the sites. In a rental apartment, that apartment is yours for the duration of your stay, nobody but you can invite anyone in. Of course, you can choose an option where you get it serviced by a cleaner but if you are only there for a short time, you may not want that option. Security is not an issue in a rental apartment as all homes is thoroughly checked by experts and they ensure that they have secure locks and windows and there is a working alarm system in place


The most important thing about a rental apartment is freedom. By choosing this accommodation option you have the freedom to come and go as you please, no hotel staff scrutinizing your every move or informing you that you can’t come back after a certain time and no constant offers of service that you don’t need or want. Freedom is something that comes complimentary with rental apartments and you will enjoy the benefits of it every time you choose this option.

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