Use Water Features to Add Interest to Your Landscaping

Use Water Features to Add Interest to Your Landscaping

Houses that sit on large properties can become lost in the expanse. No matter how beautiful the landscaping is, the size of the yard overwhelms it. It almost gets lost in all that space. You can add interest to this empty area by adding a water feature.

The Design

The first step in creating a beautiful water feature is to come up with a design plan. You can ask your contractor for advice on size and location. Many homeowners like to place it where they can see it from inside of the home too. Whether you decide on a small pond or a larger lake, you can use a water fountain in the center for even more interest.

The Landscaping

Once the plans are finalized and the water feature has been installed, you need to landscape around it. Choose plants and flowers that coordinate with those used around the house. This makes everything look like they belong together rather than being separate properties. Use lights to make it visible during the night for maximum enjoyment, and consider placing benches nearby so you have a place to relax.


Now that the project is complete, you need to learn how to take care of the water feature. Have the pump cleaned and inspected routinely, and clean all sediment and debris from around it. If the water turns an unsightly color even after proper care, call a professional that deals with pond algae identification. They can determine exactly what the problem is and instruct you on how to take care of it once and for all.

Once you have your water feature in place with all of the necessary elements, have extended your landscaping from the house to the water’s edge, and learned how to maintain it properly, you will have a beautiful yard that draws attention to your home. It will become the perfect centerpiece of the lawn that you can enjoy from inside of the home as well.

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