Waterproofing Contractor

Waterproofing Contractor

https://sc01.alicdn.com/kf/UT8UiGYXmBXXXagOFbXI/178677732/UT8UiGYXmBXXXagOFbXI.jpgThe three most fatal mistakes that homeowners can make are: To trust that the roof will survive the next storm. To hope that the insurance will pay if the roof does not survive the storm. After the storm instruct the next best craftsman on the front door with the roof repair.

Statistics from the meteorologists and the insurance industry prove: The intensity of the severe weather events has increased in recent decades. This is climate change or not, builders, homeowners and property managers must now take other mitigation measures than they did 30 years ago. The roofing trade has responded to the changed conditions and made a storm protection mandatory in its technical rules. These experts measure apply to all roofing elements. These include z. B. also integrated into the roof solar modules. For the essential works of the waterproofing contractor it is important.

The insurance industry has also reacted

In the event of damage, it is increasingly checked whether the homeowner or the property management company has fulfilled its “obligation obligations” as usually agreed with the general insurance conditions.These obligations may also include having the roof regularly inspected by specialized companies Corresponding roof maintenance contracts are offered by roofing guild companies and can also protect against recourse claims of third parties, for example when roof parts damage neighboring buildings or even injure passers-by.

  • Legal change is also taking into account the changing climatic conditions and the “state of the art”, which is enshrined in the technical rules and regulations governing wind suction protection legislation. “Wind force 8” has long ceased to be the measure of all things in court. According to the current state of jurisprudence, roofs may have to withstand hurricane forces, according to the tenor of current judgments.

Those who award the roof repair contract to the next “craftsmen” after a storm who are looking for victims in the best “pillar-style” manner can possibly experience an expensive surprise, as property insurers can refuse to settle their obviously overpriced bills the “mobile handler” are known for prices near the usury limit.

Water ingress on flat roofs is often the cause of moisture damage in buildings. The causes of this can be found, for example, inMistakes in planning,Error during execution,Damage caused by use or in aging processes of the sealis justified. The penetrating water can damage the building structure and cause mold fungus formation.

Regular maintenance

It is very important for flat roofs that they are regularly maintained. This includes that the roofs are made at fixed intervals and evidently examined for changes. Regular maintenance can prevent leaks. Maintenance includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Flat roofs are produced in the majority of cases with waterproofing membranes made of bitumen or plastic sheets. Each type of seal has its specific characteristics and should only be applied by a specialist company. Specifically, the requirements for the sealing of a flat roof in the “Specialist rule for roofs with seals – flat roofing lines” are described.

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