Why Is There Always Water In My Basement?

Why Is There Always Water In My Basement?

You should never have to wade through water in your basement, especially when the rest of your home stays fairly dry. The first part of repairing the problem is to find out where water is getting into this space.

Look for Detectable Water Leaks

Most basements are filled with water pipes and drains that run up under the floor of the first floor rooms. Leaks in the pipes can develop that gradually worsens, leaving puddles of water on the basement floor. Always check the pipes for leaks. I may not be from the area right above the leak. Water can run down and drip from another area completely.

How Waterproof are your windows?

Basement windows that are not sealed well can allow rain and melted snow to enter and pool on the floor. If you can hold your hand up and feel a draft, the window is not sealed well.

Basement Wall Cracks

Cracks in your basement wall will allow water to come right in if you experience heavy rains. Sealing these cracks is the best way to keep the water out and protect the integrity of the basement walls.

Floor Cracks or Clogged Drains

Cracks in the floor concrete can be hard to repair, but it’s worth it to keep unwanted water out of your home. Floor drains that are clogged can also allow water to build up and back up onto the floor. Call in a plumbing expert of you find the drain is experiencing significant problems.

Professional Basement Waterproofing

Hiring Dupage County basement waterproofing services can provide complete relief from some of the main causes of wet basements. Treating the walls and floor with sealant product that blocks out water intrusion is an additional way to keep your space dry.

It might be time to bring in a professional o find out why your basement is not staying dry. There is a perfect basement waterproofing solution available for your home today.

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